Write the music your inside-you needs your outside-you to hear.

- Eric Whitacre

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Customize it.

Beyonce doesn't show up to the VMA's wearing Forever 21, and neither should your arrangements. After all, your sopranos can belt a high G and that bass has low notes for days. Let's get down to the nitty gritty details on the voices you're working with and we'll tailor an arrangement to fit you like a glove.

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What's in stock?

Need an arrangement in a jiffy? Let's sift through our library of winners so you can bring it to your rehearsal tomorrow. 

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Flip it &
reverse it.

As fabulous of an arranger you probably already are, sometimes having a fresh perspective is all you need to make that bridge hit harder. New to the game? Check out an Arranging Session.

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We know a guy.

Maybe a few members in your group aren't the sheet music reading type, or maybe you want your group to learn your arrangement lickity split in time for that competition. We'll send you realized part tapes of your arrangement to get your group singing those rhythms accurately and with the energy of a thousand suns!


These are only a handful of our huge library of arrangements. Take a listen!


Oh, We're in it to win it.

We're just as competitive as you and know what it takes to have an award winning ICCA and Festival set. We've been around the block and you've got some aca-veterans on your side. Whether it's all twelve minutes, or just one, we'll crank out a good one for you, champ!
Looking for a masterclass to get more feedback on your set? Head over here.