"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue."

- Plato




Music is a journey that teaches us in many ways. Whether you're a brand new professional group, or an ICCA Champion, there is always more to learn and something to improve. Masterclasses are a great way to prepare for your recording session so you can make the most out of what you're paying for. They're also a great way to receive fresh feedback and perspective if you're preparing for a festival or international competition. Our professionals have taught masterclasses all over the U.S. and internationally with more than 50 groups. We'll explore movement, vocal technique, dynamics, phrasing, and unravel the details in the fabric of your arrangements and performance. 




Our professionals have taught their workshops at A Cappella and CASA Festivals across the U.S.  Check out some of the workshops we offer...

  • Bodymind Awareness

  • Movement in Rehearsal

  • The Prism Effect (group/role dynamics)

  • Arranging for the Female Voice

  • Understanding Music Theory with Arranging

  • Arranging for Non-Music Readers

  • Learning and Practicing Vocal Percussion



Coaching & Instruction

Coaching is great for a one-on-one session with soloists, lead vocals, or backing vocal work before you record. We'll work with your lead vocalists on technique and expression to make sure they shine in the studio. Having a coaching session can save you time in the studio to walk through your arrangements and create a plan for additional parts or overdubs. 

Mel has been teaching voice lessons for over 4 years. With experience in Bel Canto, Classical, and Contemporary techniques and pedagogies, she offers in-person and Skype or FaceTime lessons at an affordable rate. If you're working on that belt or looking to free your voice, schedule a lesson today!

Looking for help on your arrangements and production? We offer on-site or skype lessons with our skilled and knowledgeable professionals on beginner instruction for production and beginner-advanced instruction for arranging. Contact for rates.