We work with Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Melodyne 4 Studio, and Reason.



Sometimes you just need a good beat to flow the best. Contact us for a custom beat or check out our library.


 vocals (lead/backs)

We have female and male vocalists that can bring your track to the next level from lead lines to backgrounds. We work with top quality equipment to make sure you have the best sound. Looking for some demos? Contact us. 


Vocal Tuning

We use the latest technology to craft a vocal performance to perfection using the most advanced software. 




Let us manage or coach you on your next song/album. 


post editing & comping

Need an interview cut up, pasted, and sounding smooth? Maybe you don't want to go through those 30 vocal takes and then seam them together. Let us do the tedious, heavy lifting to save you some time.