Viridian realizes artist's and bands' visions through music production. Viridian Productions records, edits, produces, and mixes vocal, electronic, and pop music. We further aim to educate people on production and vocal technique through coaching and instruction. Music is a universal language and it is our passion to collaborate and communicate through that medium.


Mel Daneke

F o u n d e r  |  R e c o r d i n g  E n g i n e e r  |  P r o d u c e r  |  A r r a n g e r
Austin, TX

Hailing from Brooklyn, Mel Daneke is a contemporary performer, arranger, producer, and instructor. Mel graduated from Ithaca College in December of 2013 with a B.M. in Vocal Performance, minor in Audio Production, and also studied Music Education. While in college she performed in three of her own conceptual recitals and in the IC Opera Studio, Opera Workshops, IC Opera, Choral Ensembles, Percussion and Steel Band Ensemble, and smaller ensembles. She’s traveled to Germany performing in the International Performing Arts Institute to further her performance training. While at school, Mel was the conductor, arranger, and choreographer of Ithaca College’s all-female a cappella group, Premium Blend.

After graduation, Mel auditioned and was accepting into the internationally renowned vocal band, Musae, as the group’s Vocal Percussionist. With Musae, she’s traveled extensively headlining and performing at festivals in Hong Kong, Taiwan, London, Edinburgh, Paris, Germany, and all over the United States. Under her artist name, Valor, she releases covers and original work. Her works and CARA-nominated production has appeared on compilations like Sing, BOHSA, Voices Only, and Voices Only Forte.

Mel’s passion for music continues through teaching and sharing her musical knowledge. With an extensive knowledge of vocal techniques and pedagogy, she specializes in in-studio coaching and masterclasses. Her workshops (“Exploring the Voice”, “Vocal Percussion”, “Bodymind Awareness”) and masterclasses have been featured at Boston Sings Festival, SoJam A Cappella Festival, Kettering A Cappella Festival, Sing! Texas, UK Voices Festival, New Jersey A Cappella Festival, the National A Cappella Convention, and NJ American Choral Directors Association (NJ ACDA)

Mel has a knack for exploring and creating new sounds produced from the human voice. Her production work stems from a love of percussion and vocal music. Mel consistently draws inspiration from her diverse background in many styles of music, including Percussion Ensemble and Steel Band Music, EDM, R&B, Funk, Gospel, Opera, Glo-Fi, Rock, and Reggae. She fully believes that there’s diva/rock star inside of every performer, and she can help you find yours.


Mark Farnum

R e c o r d i n g  E n g i n e e r  |  P r o d u c e r  |  A r r a n g e r
New York, NY

Mark is an audio engineer, producer, and arranger from upstate NY. He earned a Bachelors of Music in Sound Recording Technology from Ithaca College, and was the music director of Ithacappella.

After graduating, he sang with the Hyannis Sound, Cape Cod’s professional men’s a cappella group, for two summers. He’s now based in NYC, where he works as a freelancer audio engineer and sings with a new group, Highline Vocal Jazz. Mark loves working with groups to create arrangements and recordings that highlight their strengths. 


Taylor Charles Smith

A r r a n g e r  |  E d u c a t o r
New York, NY

Taylor is a professional singer, composer, arranger, and instructor originally from Eastern Long Island. Currently residing in NYC, he devotes his time to teaching vocal music of all different genres to today’s youth. Taylor received his Bachelor’s degree in music (voice) from Ithaca College. While in Ithaca, he was a part of an all-male a cappella group called Ithacappella. Throughout his tenure with this group, he wrote and constructed over 60 arrangements, many of which you can hear on their latest albums. 

Taylor’s background with multiple genres as both a singer and writer has formed his professional career. He has performed in over a dozen musicals, most of which took place in a professional equity regional theatre. He has also been a part of a few operas making his vocal and musical abilities span across many genres.

Throughout his career he has written for various groups across the U.S. His writing is constantly fueled by his love and passion for vocal music. He was trained by some of the most influential minds in the a cappella field today. In turn, Taylor has been associated with many CARA nominated works. Taylor’s sunny disposition, positive outlook and caring personality make him a match for just about any group looking for an instructor. His experience as an instructor has helped several ICCA and ICHSA groups advance far within the competition.

Taylor’s love and drive for his craft motivates and inspires him to create great music! Once a project crosses his desk, he is quick on the job and ready to create something beautiful, rich and full of purpose! His belief in how music can be a source and avenue for human connectivity is the reason why he has chosen his career path!



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